Frank Lloyd Wright:
From Within Outward
Exhibition Models
Commissioned by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Designer: SITU Studio
SITU designed and fabricated six models for the exhibition, Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward.  For the design of the models, SITU embraced the space of the Guggenheim as a site in itself - designing each of the pieces to have a unique engagement with the architecture of the museum.  The resulting models respond to the geometry of the ramps, grow out of walls and are suspended from the gallery ceilings.  In keeping with the theme of the exhibition, "From Within Outward," the three-dimensional scale models illuminate the internal mechanics of functional space in relation to exterior form of a variety of Wright projects including an exploded version of the Herbert Jacobs House #1 (Madison, Wisconsin, 1936 - 1937); a large landscape-based installation of the Gordon Strong Automobile Objective and Planetarium (Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland, 1924-1925, unbuilt); a terrain model of Taliesin (Spring Green, Wisconsin, 1911-1959) that incorporates projections and animations on a model's surface; a large-scale model of the unrealized plan for Greater Baghdad (Baghdad, 1957, unbuilt); a model of the Herbert Jacobs House #2, 'Solar Hemicycle' (Middleton, Wisconsin, 1943 - 1948) that tracks the movement of the sun over the course of a day; and a model of the Huntington Hartford Sports Club/Play Resort (Los Angeles, 1947, unbuilt) that protrudes from the museums canted walls.
The project began with a period of research and analysis of Frank Lloyd Wright's original drawings and writings for each of the projects.  Through our reading of the works, we developed a series of design proposals that sought to reveal the essential ideas within each project while also acknowledging the siting of the models in Wright's Guggenheim.  During the design process we worked closely with the Guggenheim curatorial and design team through weekly reviews and design presentations to develop a set of models that re-examine a selection of Wright's work both built and un-built.  In addition, we collaborated with architect and architectural historian, Dr. Mina Marafat, on the Plan for Greater Baghad and Taliesin Preservation's historian, Keiran Murphy, for the model of Taliesin.  
Copyright 2008-2009 Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. This model was created with the permission of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, the owner of the copyright in the design(s) on which this Model is based. Neither this Model nor the underlying design(s) on which it is based may be reproduced, copied, or distributed without prior written consent of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.