Three Saros
Artist: James Turrell
Architects: A+I and
Sheldon, Mindel & Associates
Client: Private
For this high profile lobby installation, SITU Fabrication was brought on as a specialty consultant and contractor to engineer and oversee the construction of this complex feature.    Working closely with James Turrell's design team and the project architects, a number of formal and material iterations were evaluated prior to arriving at a 24' tall, 2-story volume with a seamless GFRG interior and a polished solid surface exterior.   SITU assembled a team consisting of Laufs Engineering Design for structural design and Art in Construction for GFRG fabrication to develop the means and methods for the construction.   SITU worked with a 3D model to coordinate the variety of trades that had to fit within the doubly curved 14" wall construction, including structural steel, light gauge framing, lighting, electrical, mechanical and sprinklers.  In addition to serving as lead coordinator, SITU also fabricated the thermoformed solid surface exterior cladding, all the molds for GFRG production, and any templates and precision mounting brackets required for all relevant trades.