Riverdale Country School Skylights
The Bronx, NY

Architect: Architecture Research Office
Client: Riverdale Country School

Working with Architecture Research Office, SITU fabricated a series of skylight screens for Riverdale Country School in the Bronx. The three screens will work separately to teach students about light, direction, color, and time. The first skylight screen is a series of hanging acrylic panels with colored filters in cyan, magenta, and yellow. Sunlight will filter through the panels and cast colored light into the space. As the sun moves throughout the day, the space will change color- casting green onto the walls in the morning and red in the afternoon. The second skylight screen is a series of acrylic prisms suspended in a white frame. The prisms are oriented at different angles and as sunlight passes through the prisms, light will be refracted through them, casting a color spectrum on the walls. The third skylight screen is a mirrored panel which will reflect a bead of light onto the wall. Graphics are painted onto the skylight walls to create a sundial and time is indicated where the light falls on the sundial on the walls.