New York, NY

Designer: A+I Architecture, Atelier Lumiere and SITU Studio
SITU Fabrication collabored with A+I Architecture and Atelier Lumiere to design installations for two elevator lobbies as part of a larger interiors project conducted by A+I. Both installations were partially derived from LORAN (LOng RAnge Navigation) charts, a system for radio navigation primarily used in sea travel.  Upon receiving signals from at least 3 land-based transmitters, a navigator can locate oneself on a LORAN chart composed of sets of intersecting hyberbolic curves that represent the time difference between any two transmitters.
For the ground floor lobby installation, LORAN curves formed the basis for a series of CNC milled acrylic panels that were assembled into two layers.  A system of programmable LED lights were installed around the perimeter, which produced changing patterns of colored light visible as a series of intersecting hyperbolic curves. Adjacent to the curves were lines of engraved HTML code extracted from the websites of the internet brands owned by IAC.
For the 6th floor lobby installation, a set of three HDPE panels were CNC milled with a high resolution 3D terrain model of the surface of the Atlantic Ocean floor.  The panels were placed behind clear acrylic panels that also featured HTML code engraved in hyperbolic arcs simulating a LORAN chart.