Douglas Elliman Art Basel Miami
Miami, FL
Designer: Watson & Company
Client: Douglas Elliman
SITU Fabrication was commissioned by creative agency Watson & Company to engineer and produce a series of features for Douglas Elliman’s showroom in the collectors lounge at Miami Art Basel 2014.  Features include an ornamental screen, LCD wall enclosures and 15 ultra-thin wall mounted light boxes.  The ornamental screen defines the front of the showroom and entrance as a 40 ft. long, 11 ft. tall stack of 510 anodized aluminum rings.  Fabrication of the screen entailed rolling laser-cut polished aluminum plates to varying diameters, gold anodizing and then assembling with brass binding posts.  The side walls are prefabricated plywood modules clad with aluminum composite panels and enclose 80 inch LCDs, concealing the bezel and mounting hardware.  The lightboxes are ultra-thin LEDs with stretched canvas graphics and custom adjustable wall mounts.  All features of the booth, including the rings of the screen, can be easily reconfigured for installation in other venues.