Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn, NY
Designer: SITU Studio
SITU Studio was commissioned by the Brooklyn Museum to re-envision its entry sequence as part of a larger Bloomberg Connects initiative. Tasked with developing and installing a series of flexible , modular components - information desks, directories, ticket bars, and benches - SITU created the entire suite to enhance the visitor experience and offer optimal program support for the array of activities that take place in the Museum's lobby area.
SITU's dual role as designer and fabricator allowed for substantial material testing and ergonomic studies early on the project. The components showcase innovate applications of thermoformed LG solid surface and locally-sourced reclaimed spalted maple. Mobile benches embedded with color-coded outlets and USB ports encourage visitors to charge mobile devices and tablets, while durable casters allow the components to be repositioned and nested rapidly to suit the myriad functions of the Lobby.