Brill Building Lobby and Marquees Restoration
New York, NY
Architect: A+I and Cooper Carry
Client: Brill Building
As a historic structure located in Times Square, the Brill Building played a pivotal role in the music industry with acts such as Elvis Presley and Neil Young associated with the location. Due to its Landmarked status, great care was taken in the design and specification of the exterior brass marquees.
SITU entered into the project at an early stage and provided design assist services to work out the detailing and construction of the marquees and reception desk as well as fabrication and installation. A mirror polished brass soffit was clad with folded and welded brush polished brass ribs, creating a striking presence that pays homage to the original brass detailing. As the 49th St. marquee transitions to the interior of the lobby the ribs continue as aluminum composite material (ACM) in the same language and look as the exterior brass. SITU also built and installed the granite clad reception desk that has a brass fin and glass transaction counter.