Audemars Piguet
Mineral Lab Exhibition 
New York, NY
Artist: Sebastian Errazuriz
Client: MA3 Agency

Working with MA3 Agency and Sebastian Errazuriz, SITU Fabrication produced a series of eight domed displays for the latest Audemars Piguet booth at Art Basel. The displays showcase a series of historically significant wrist and pocket watches, each of which floats dramatically under a spotlight in the center of its own cavity. Information on each watch is provided by a screen and speaker set neatly into oak and brass shelves below. The domes are coated in a 1/32" layer of polymerized gypsum, a concrete-like material that evokes the alpine rocks of Le Brassus, Switzerland while remaining light and portable.

Working within the fast pace of the international art fair, SITU engineered the displays to be installed and struck very rapidly by an unsupervised team. When unlocked through hidden key holes, the entire massive front of the display swings effortlessly upwards to provide easy access of the watches for maintenance and security.