45 Park Lane
Hyde Park, London, UK

Architect: The Office of Thierry W. Despont
Owner: The Dorchester Collection

The Office of Thierry Despont hired SITU Fabrication to provide consulting services for the fabrication of a series of facade panels for the Dorchester Hotel in London. SITU Fabrication worked with OTD to develop the geometry, materials and fabrication system for the undulating metallic panels that clad the balconies of the hotel. The intent was to create the perception of a continuous metallic surface flowing from the top of the building to its base.  

The 24 custom panels are made of CNC-milled foam coated in a polyurethane resin hardcoat and finished in LuminOre White Bronze.  A fiber-reinforced plastic and steel armature, embeedded within each panel, both provides strength as well as fixing locations for mounting to the building envelope. SITU Fabrication generated design development models, renderings and mockups, produced CDs and Shop Drawings in Revit, and provided fabrication supervision and construction administration services.